Merchant Services Overview

We are payment industry consulting veterans that give both large and small businesses peace of mind by allowing them to focus less on payment processing or system integration challenges and more on running their business.

Moneta provides a wide array of business consulting services revolving around payment processing. We provide consulting to merchants that are in search of any method of electronic payment acceptance.

  • Accept All Major Credit Cards
  • Web, Mobile, Retail Payments
  • Credit, Debit, ACH, Gift Cards
  • Alternate Payment Methods

Merchant Processing Consulting

We believe that merchants are more in need of an independent source to not sell them, but help them find the best solution for their business needs. We match merchants with top solutions, whether that happens to be a provider in their own hometown, or a provider in a different time zone. And best of all, most of our e-payment consulting can be provided at a discounted or reduced cost to businesses.  

We have in depth experience in statement review, quote review, statement analysis and more - for any payment processing method, from ACH/E-check processing to Card processing services. If you want to know if your rate is fair according to industry standards - we're here to help!

Our committed professionals are thought leaders, and our innovative spirit is our strength. Because of this, our clients constantly expect more from us, and we deliver by helping them benefit from the growing role electronic payments are playing in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Payment Research

Not only can we help narrow down the absolute best solution to meet your needs, but we can also find the provider with the best rates and service for your business' ACH/Check, Gift Card, EBT, Debit Card, and Credit Card processing.

Payment Account Analysis

Are you unsure that you have the best electronic payments solution for your business? Do you need an independent professional to assist you with the process? Well that's where we come in! Allow us to analyze your statements or review your business needs and point you in the right direction according to other similar successful businesses in your market.

Who We Help

We help leading brands in the card present, card not present and recurring billing world. Whether you are a startup or established business, we offer services that will help.

As new trends arise, it can be helpful for a well-trained, outside eye to review and evaluate your processing solutions to ensure continuous payment acceptance improvement.

Consultation Services Include

  • Payment Processing
  • Process Optimization
  • Best Practices Application
  • Decline Prevention and Recovery
  • Chargeback Prevention and Resolution
  • Processor Selection
  • Acquirers, Processors, Gateways
  • Alternate Payment Methods
  • Authorization Tools &Techniques
  • Contract Review & Negotiation
  • Debit / Pre-paid Card Handling
  • Descriptor Optimization
  • Fee Reduction
  • Fraud Prevention / Screening
  • Interchange Optimization
  • International Processing
  • Marketing Initiatives, Products & Services
  • Merchant Category Classifications
  • PCI Compliance
  • Product Fulfillment Strategies

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