Fraud Protection and Chargeback Prevention

Thousands of times a day, card issuers and merchants identify fraudulent and/or suspicious transactions that have gone undetected by the other party, resulting in financial losses and administrative costs to both.

  • Chargeback Mitigation
  • Decline Prevention and Recovery
  • Fraud Prevention & Resolution

Chargeback Prevention

Chargebacks are a $40 billion problem that affects EVERY merchant’s bottom line. Whether caused by true fraud (identity theft or stolen payment cards) or friendly fraud (“buyers remorse” or disputing a legitimate charge), if you aren’t actively preventing chargebacks, your chargebacks will cost you. Get too many chargebacks and you could lose your processing privileges altogether.

Our Chargeback Solutions power a unique network of card issuers and merchants working together to help prevent chargebacks.

Stop Fraudulent Orders

Avoid the financial losses related to lost goods/services.

Refund Transactions

Avoid chargebacks and your related all-in chargeback costs by creating a window of opportunity for the merchant to refund transactions. This results in the card issuer not initiating a chargeback.

Early Warning System to Minimize Fraud Spikes

Immediate notification of all customer inititated chargebacks that can be mitigated and resolved before becoming permanent chargebacks.

Prevent Repeat Offenders

Add fraudsters to your negative list to prevent repeat attacks.  And best of all most of our e-payment consulting can be provided at a discounted or reduced cost to businesses.

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